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Muskoka Web Solutions is committed to providing IT solutions that are tailor made for the Huntsville area. We fully understand the needs of a Muskoka based business; however, being based in Huntsville ourselves, we are living the needs of a Huntsville based business. Regardless of the industry you are in, or the service you provide, we can provide a web site design that is perfect for operating in Huntsville. We can build a series of custom, attractive, HTML based web pages for you that will meet your most basic needs at an affordable price. Alternatively, we can build a complex flash based eCommerce site if you would prefer. We can create a web site at any scale of complexity or for any application you can imagine.

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Since we are based in Huntsville, we are available for a speedy, in-person consultation whenever you are!
Additional Services

We provide speedy Huntsville web hosting with personal FTP access and 99.9% uptime. Or, if you would prefer a more hands off approach, we can host your website(s) for you. And we are always just a local phone call away. If you require updates, we can provide small updates as part of a hosting package and larger updates at highly affordable rates.

Some of the Other Services we provide in the Huntsville Area include:
Graphic Design – custom, beautiful graphic design
Domain Registration – get your .com or .ca domain name today!
Email hosting – just want an email address? No problem.
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Our comprehensive web services are unparalleled here in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada