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Real Estate Services: Custom Web Design and more

Why pay high commission to a Realtor when you can sell your home, business or Muskoka cottage yourself Online? We can provide you with a domain in the format of www.your-idea-here.com. For instance, if we were trying to build you a site for a cottage property you were trying to sell on Lake Joseph, we might register a domain name along the lines of www.LakeJosephDreamHome.com* at a low cost to you. Then we would build an attractive, professional website with a description of the cottage property as well as images and contact information. Prospective buyers would browse the site and contact you directly for a showing.

Imagine, let's say, one month after listing the site your cottage sells. At this point, you contact us, and we remove the site at no additional cost to you and you pay no more hosting fees from that point on. Naturally, if you need to put the site back up for some unforeseen reason, we can more than accommodate this easily (again, free of charge). It is a temporary, professional way to sell your real estate in a by owner fashion.

We know it works, we've done it before. Looking across the Internet, 100s of people are taking advantage of this cost effective way to market their homes for sale. The Internet is revolutionizing the real estate market.

If the above example was not enough for you, here is a real case study. In 2007 we designed a real-estate site for a specific property owner in Huntsville, Muskoka. It had an attractive design, with photos of the property, a lengthy description and contact info. The design price tag on the site was roughly 450 dollars. The owner of the website had this to say:

Muskoka Web Solutions made me a great site for a property I was selling. After we had set up the web page, I had a number of inquiries regarding the lake-front property. We had a couple of showings and one bad offer. Then, late in the third month, we had a successful showing that ended up in a good offer. We accepted and sold the property! Jim in Huntsville

Jim hosted his site with us for 15 dollars per month. Combined with the price of creating the website, he sold his 400,000 dollar piece of property for just over 500 dollars

$450 ( initial price of site) +
$45 (price of 3 months hosting)
= $495 (Total Cost to sell the property). Property sold for roughly $400,000

The cost to him was 0.12% of the final value of the house. How's that for good commission?

Additional Real Estate Marketing Services by Muskoka Web Solutions

We can additionally, market your property web site Online for a surprisingly low cost. These services can include each of the following:

Submit to popular sales directories
Custom ads for Online classifieds
Custom cost-per-click services with custom image ads! Users will see an image of your cottage show up as an ad

Rental Services
Additionally, we can provide a custom site for your rental unit. If you are renting a cottage, apartment, house, retail space etc... we can help connect you with a lessee. An example site exists at:

We can build a custom web page/web site for you to sell or rent your property. You can reach beyond your town, beyond Muskoka, beyond Ontario, beyond Canada to the world!

*barring domain availability